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Some musicians take the road less traveled on their creative journey, and vocalist Nia Covington has a unique perspective on following one’s bliss. She adds a breath of fresh air to today's music, with a timeless sound of her own.


With a fresh new approach to vocals, she gracefully captures the style and charisma of her selections. In her sound, Nia offers an encyclopedia of emotion, and it is her mission to translate emotion into sound.  Ensuring that even in those moments where words cannot articulate, feeling has a voice.  Her songs describe her strength as she carries the excitement of new beginnings, transitions of life, and love. Nia puts life on display with her music. 


The combination of well-loved standards, blues favorites, and jazz have attracted both traditional jazz enthusiasts, and a more mainstream audience.


She is often found performing for wineries, country clubs, restaurants, charity and private events where patrons desire an element of sophistication without a jarring sound. The sounds of Nia’s smooth voice provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing evening......

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