Upcoming Events

Friday, Jan 3, 2020         -  Wakeman Elevator 7-10 pm

Sunday, Jan 5, 2020       -  Grand River Cellars  4-7 pm

Saturday, Feb 1, 2020    -  Wakeman Elevator

Sunday, Feb 2, 2020       -  Canoe Club 6-9pm

Friday, Feb 14, 2020       -  Kyra Restaurant

Saturday, Feb 22, 2020  - Laurello 6-9pm


At its core, music is meant to unite. It’s made to strike that chord (pun intended) in us that someone else knows what we’re going through and can express those feelings artistically.


What People are Saying...

"For those who haven’t had a chance to enjoy an evening with Nia Covington at one of the local venues, the North Coast Voice would like to introduce her to you. Nia adds a breath of fresh air to yesterday and today’s music with a timeless sound of her own." 


                                                                   - Don Perry, North Coast Voice Magazine (Nov 24, 2013)


“This piece I think takes us all back to our childhood... Absolutely beautiful. The simplicity of the keys and the guitar are perfect."

                                                                                                 - Larry Moad, Fandalism (Dec 05, 2013)


“Nia, over the years I have really come to appreciate and value the gift of music that has been bestowed upon us, particularly the most wonderful instrument ever created, the human voice and it’s capabilities."

                                                                                                                    - Lance Bedwell – Fandalism

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HALLELUJAH - Nia Covington
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